The Ongoing Alchemy of Relatedness

with Colin & Fanny

Next Group Starts : none planned


‘Chemistry: the way two individuals relate to each other’
‘…a mingling, an infusion, juice…’
‘… mysterious, sudden transmutation.’
‘A seemingly magical power or process …..

‘A manner of connectedness; the relatedness of all living things’
‘The connections people have with other people’
‘A reciprocal relationship between interdependent entities’


The focus of much of this Movement of Being work is on ourselves – an ongoing enquiry into who we are beyond any ideas we may have about our identity; a continuing discovery of ourselves as both spiritual beings, and as very human beings. And yet we are immersed in this world, surrounded by people, events, nature, by life in all its myriad forms.

 On this Ongoing Groupt we’ll explore inter-personal relationship.   How much of what we think we know about human relationship is actually just our habitual ways of staying safe within the familiar, or our well-honed ability to re-assure or please others? How much are we projecting our thoughts, our beliefs and our wounding onto the people around us? How much are we contracting away from intimacy, closing our hearts to others and to life itself?

 During these 3 group meetings we'll play with and investigate this territory, engaging both the potential and the difficulty; we’ll roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, open our hearts wide and FIND OUT what the hell it is to relate!