Movement of Being Goes Online

 So much has been taken away
In these days

So much we all took for granted

Now – what remains?
What matters?
What really matters?

If all we have is this moment,
This place?
If all we have is our own company
Or just these few companions?

This breath
This heart
This Presence

So here we are in a very different world. A huge number of things that we’ve been able to take for granted are now in question. Change is happening so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up. People are revealing both their best and their worst sides. Every system, from the financial to the internet is taking the strain, and our health services are in crisis. Breakdown, breakthrough or both? We’ll find out…….

In the midst of it all, Fanny and I want to respond; to take this as an opportunity to slow down, to connect again and again with what’s most precious, to keep acting from love rather than fear, and to find new ways to offer what we can to you all by way of guidance, teachings and support.

One way this will happen is that we are shifting to a much more interactive way of working – things are changing fast, and we want to be able to respond to this. So, whereas our norm was that events were planned and booked often months in advance, we’re now intending daily or weekly updates, with new offerings being posted spontaneously as we respond to changes in the world.

Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • We’ll be sitting and moving most mornings from 8am (20 minutes to sit; 20 minutes to move). You are warmly invited to join us from wherever you happen to be. If you have time for one or both of the 20 minute slots, great. If not, feel free to pause, take a breath and simply tune in to the silence for even half a minute if that’s all you can manage. Similarly for the movement - whether you’re walking, stretching, exercising or simply breathing during our movement slot, our invitation is to simply bring Awareness to the body and know that you’re part of the session. We’ll be moving together.
  • We will post guided meditations on this new webpage (our intention is to create a new one from time to time) which you are welcome to listen to.
  • We’re going to prioritise offering more 1-1 sessions by phone, Skype or Zoom for those that want them. Times of available sessions will be updated on the new webpage each week, and we hope that there will be opportunities both for you to book sessions well in advance, and to be more spontaneous about getting contact when you need it.
  • We are now offering group sessions online using Zoom. You are personally invited to explore this way of working.
  • If you are currently in an ongoing group, we are offering free Zoom meetings to you each month.


We’re very aware that most people will be adapting to new and probably reduced financial circumstances (as are we), and we are modifying our financial arrangements to reflect this.

£        … Sessions will continue to be by donation as before, but we are reducing the suggested minimum donation to £20 for 50 minutes. And - if you want a session and are in a financial crisis such that you can’t afford even this much, talk to us. We can usually find a way.

£        … We’re offering some Zoom sessions for free, as well as others which are limited to 8 people for which we will ask a donation.

£        …If you have currently paid a deposit or fixed payment for one of our courses that may not (or will not) now run, we ask that you consider leaving the money with us as a credit for a future event. This will really help our finances in the short term. And if you are also in a situation of less money coming in and you need the payment returned, please just let us know – we can and will refund it immediately.


There is so much uncertainty
in these days
So much that we don’t know;

that nobody knows -

about this virus

about the future

about what state the world will be in

in a few months time

Now – more than ever
we need to find a deeper ground

from where we can tolerate not knowing

from where we can touch a confidence in Being

and find our way to relate with it all –


from the Heart

from the Heart

which is simply touched by it all -

by the silence as our world slows down,

by the warmth in so many people

and the fear in so many others,

by the suffering,

and by the courage


from the Heart

which is neither optimistic

(unrealistically hopeful)

nor pessimistic

(collapsing into hopelessness)


from the Heart

which can be touched by fear

without becoming fearful


from the Heart

which doesn’t require certainty


from the Heart

which simply loves