We receive money for our work in two different ways. Firstly we charge a fixed payment to cover costs. Then we ask for a donation in exchange for our teaching and guidance.

Fixed Payment

This covers the actual costs of the workshop – venue hire / admin / travel / food, etc. Partly, it’s averaged out over a year; partly it depends on the venue we are using, but it usually works out at £45 - £60 per person per day for residential groups and £15 - £25 per person per day for non-residential groups outside London (... more if it's in London).


In addition to the fixed payment, at the end of each event we ask for a donation to Fanny and I as an exchange for what we’ve offered. For each event there is a suggested donation, as well as a clear minimum amount and a suggestion for a higher offering that would effectively support others to do our work. The amounts for open workshops will be less than for residentials; and we ask for slightly more if both of us are teaching.
It’s a risk on our part, an act of trust, and is really coming from the heart! It asks more of you as a participant – to really reflect on what the experience has meant to you and then to offer a donation appropriate to your financial reality. (So, for one person, it might be a real stretch to afford the minimum donation; for another, the ‘generous’ donation might barely be missed).
This can be in cash if you wish, or we can do cheques, receipts, etc. We’ll just put a basket out and you leave an envelope with your donation in it. It's also fine if you want to spread the donation out over several months.

Please note – Since August 2014 we have increased our suggested donations by £10 per day for groups where both Fanny and Colin are teaching, or where we have a full-time assistant.  The minimum donation will remain the same as it is now. There has been no change to the suggested donations for events with only one of us. This works out as follows:-

And... If you are strongly drawn to our work, but feel you can’t afford it, talk to us. We can often find a way!


We ask for a deposit at the time of booking to secure your place


For our major groups and retreats, once paid, the deposit or fixed amount will usually be non-refundable unless we can get someone else to fill the place, in which case we will refund it or transfer it to another group, less a £10 admin charge.
For our open workshops, in the event of cancellation up to two weeks beforehand, we will refund the deposit or transfer it to another group, less a £10 admin charge. For cancellations during the last two weeks before the workshop, it will be the same as for our major groups and retreats.