This Work

This work is about coming home to ourselves; both as spiritual beings and as very human beings. It is about becoming ALL of who we are, both as limitless awareness and limited, vulnerable and very mortal people; both as Love itself, and as the neurotic, confused and shattered individuals that we can also be! There is nothing to perfect, and yet paradoxically there is so much to integrate and come to terms with, so much to come home to and relax into.

This work is not going to relieve you of the pain of existence. It may even exacerbate it. It will not solve your problems or heal you once and for all. But it may start to allow the anaesthetic to wear off. It may provide some understanding, or a gradual relaxation of being. It may simplify your life beyond measure. It may allow you to awaken to all of who you are, body, heart, mind and spirit; every facet of you from your unpredictable emotions to your sexual glory, from your infinite divine nature to the frightened child who never quite figured out the rules - no bits left out, every hidden corner of your being.

So do not enter this work lightly. It will turn you inside out and reveal all, through the gentle yet relentless process of your own being.


(In the workshops we use self-enquiry, discussion, meditation, movement practice and many simple exercises from different traditions as a practical and unambiguous way of exploring what it means to be alive; rediscovering the kind of curiosity that a child has, with the perspective of a mature adult. It is for those with an interest in what is true; in themselves, in others and in the world. For information about how to explore this work - New to the Work)