Being Revealed Ongoing Group

This is a new open ended ongoing group which we’re inspired to offer in response to many requests from those who want to be part of an ongoing group which will meet regularly in a residential setting over several years.

The group will meet twice per year, usually for 6 days each time, in September and March. The group will begin in September this year with an initial 4-day meeting.

It will be for 8-10 people, and will run for at least two years.


21 - 27 March 2022          (6 days with Fanny)
26 September - 2 October 2022   (6 days with Colin) - provisional

Dates for 2023 not confirmed as yet, but it will be during March and September of that year.

Please Note that we are planning to offer these groups as residential events  (COVID-19 and government regulations permitting); if for some or all the modules this proves to not be possible, we will run them online. If so we will refund you any difference in cost.


Fixed Payment:           £660 for each year
Suggested Donation : £300  (or something between £180 and £450) for each 6 day retreat

Please apply to Sarah