Genuine Norwegians

Future Meetings


Spring Retreat (with Fanny)
     * 5pm Monday 6th to 5pm Sunday 12th April at Eden Rise

Summer Meeting (with Fanny)
     * 7pm Thurs 11th to 5pm Sunday 14th June (open local retreat with group members having first booking option)                                          (venue tbc)

Autumn Retreat (with Colin)
     * 5pm Tuesday 13th to 5pm Sunday 18th October - Droridge


Winter Retreat (with Colin or Fanny)
     * 5pm Monday 12th to 5pm Sunday 17th January - Droridge reserved

Spring Retreat (with Colin or Fanny)
     * 5pm Monday 5th to 5pm Sunday 11th April - Droridge reserved

Summer Meeting
     * may be possible but not yet discussed                           

Autumn Retreat (with Colin or Fanny)
     * 5pm Tuesday 26th to 5pm Sunday 31st October - Droridge reserved