Our Retreats are residential events, usually over 4 or more days, in which we explore an aspect of life in considerable depth. They are mainly intended for people who already have some experience in this work, but newcomers are welcome to apply for any of the shorter Retreats on the Introductory Programme. Although these events aren’t intended for complete newcomers,  occasionally we will accept a beginner onto one of them (if there is enough of a personal connection, or a strong sense that the person applying is very much in tune with what is being offered).

The longer Retreats are usually only open to people who are already serious about our work - ie for those who have done at least one year of ongoing group, and one or more of our longer retreats. Please refer to the Full Programme.


Please let Emily know as soon as possible if you are would like to apply, or even if you may be interested, using either the phone number above or the form below.

There is an application process. When the deadline date arrives we will contact you to confirm that you definitely want to apply for the Retreat. At this stage we take a look at who's applied and consider a whole series of factors - how many applicants; gender balance; level of experience in this work; maturity; capacity to function and take responsibility in a group situation; the bigger picture (ie trying to avoid the situation where some people are being served while others aren’t; hunches and gut-feelings..... In all of this attempting to be not only pragmatic and realistic, but also to allow enough space for magic and mystery to work!