Intimate Relationship – The Heart

28 May  to 2 June 2021

   What is it to relate from the heart?  Or to include the heart in all our interactions with the world, in particular with our intimate partner? What is it to see the dynamic of our relationship from a heart-based, compassionate disposition which is open to the mysterious and the undefinable?

   Our capacity to love and be loved is dependent on how much we can rest in the heart, submitting again and again to the joy and pain of life (which includes our and our partners’ inevitable imperfections).  And it is a submission.  It requires a real willingness - to relinquish any inflated idealism; to let go of our desires for anything other than reality and yet to be vulnerable, real and honest about our longings, our needs and our wants.  We need to recognise that this vulnerability is not an oversensitive weakness, but a realistic relationship to a world we cannot control, and yet are able to continually influence by being who we are, as we are. This takes courage, strength, integrity and humour.

  In any real relationship so many polarities are experienced…Opening/Closing; Inviting/Repelling; Giving/Receiving; Loving/Hating; Closeness/Distance; Judgement/Acceptance; Attraction/Aversion, to name but a few. This is never easy – particularly as a mind-based, dualistic perspective tends to prefer one side over the other. But from a heart-based disposition it can all be welcomed; it can all soften and be explored. Whether our regular (and inevitable) crunch points happen around money, sex, power or the trivia of daily life, the heart can support us to see and hear each other beyond ideas of right or wrong; it can give us the strength to appreciate what is precious, meet difficulties, break through stalemates, and return to love.


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn, Dartington, Devon


6pm Friday 28th May - 5pm Wednesday 2nd June 2021 (Five Days)


Fixed payment £385 - £435 per couple (depending on room)

Suggested Donation  (PLEASE NOTE that this is different from how we usually do donations - there will be one amount which will cover the retreat itself, plus an extra amount for any extra sessions you have with us.)

£250 per person (or something between £150 and £350 per person). This covers whole group sessions each morning and evening as well as one couple session with either Fanny or Colin.

In addition, extra individual or couple sessions may be arranged with Fanny and/or Colin during the afternoon. We will ask for donations for these sessions at our usual hourly rates (£45/hour or something between £30 and £60 per hour).

To book or for any enquiries please Contact Us Here