Out of the Shadows

Second Level Retreat

with Colin Harrison & Paul Wolflight

Next  Retreat :  tbc - probably 2021

 In the shadows lie the qualities and aspects of ourselves that we would rather not know and don’t want to relate with. Yet a lot of energy and potential is bound up and therefore unavailable to us in what we disown, reject and try to control. Rather than opening to the fullness of life as it arises, internally and externally, we close off and reject particular qualities and experiences. We say “I am not that kind of person”, or “I don’t want this experience” or “This is not really happening”. Yet the truth is that it is actually happening. The experience you are having is already the case, and the being that you are includes all that is dark as well as all that is light.

How would it be ....
    to embrace what I disown?
      to be touched by what I reject?
       to relate and ally myself with what I want to suppress?
        to open to the yes of life in all its fullness and diversity?
         and to allow the fullness and diversity of my own being
                              to wholly participate in and be touched by this experience of life?

This retreat is an opportunity to uncover, enquire into and embrace what is unwanted and feared. To bring that in ourselves that we would rather not know out of the shadows and into the light. To touch and be touched by, and ultimately befriend, what is feared and hidden in the depths of our beings.

Please note that this retreat is only open to those who have already done Passion For Change.



Fully Residential at Eden Rise near Totnes in Devon


Some time in 2021  (to be confirmed)


Fixed Payment:  to be confirmed


Suggested Donation:  £425 (or on a sliding scale between £250 and £600) - to be confirmed